We contribute to Japanese society through research grants and operation of museum

Our Activities

Research Grants
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    • Yoshida Hideo
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      International Academic Award
  • Consumer surveys to
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    Ad Studies
The Ad Museum Tokyo
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Research Support

We offer grants to research projects in the field of marketing communications.
Full-time researchers and graduate school students are invited to submit their research projects. Grantees are chosen following a review by the Foundation’s Selection Committee.

Release of Survey Data

Our consumer survey results are publicly available via an open database to assist research activities as much as possible.


The Yoshida Hideo Research Grant Award is given to outstanding research projects chosen from among grantees.
The Yoshida Hideo International Academic Award is offered to researchers who have achieved an internationally recognized project.

Information Service

We issue Ad Studies, the Foundation’s quarterly public relations magazine for advertising and marketing studies. We also publish books.

Museum Operations

Through the operation of The Ad Museum Tokyo, we educate the general public on the social and cultural values of advertising communications.